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About the Bare Soled Girl

Like most mum’s, I first and foremost see myself as a mum to Ben (aged 7), and ChloΓ« (aged 4), my two bright little stars. I am also partner to JoΓ«l (Swiss French), a stunning father to our children, and the most compassionate and loving person I could wish to have in a life partner. I am also Caroline - I love people, I love sharing things that help me feel better about life, I love evolving and growing (as uncomfortable as that can be), and I love people (I already said that, right?!). I also love barefoot shoes, meditation practices, reading, nature, my dog Pepper, creative flow and cappuccinos with lots of chocolate powder on top.

My partner and I have had a rocky ride since our littlies came along; mainly due to financial stress. In 2018, we took the boldest decision of our lives. We used up the last of our savings to buy an empty shell of a Mercedes Sprinter van. That decision was to spark our freedom from the ground up. We worked hard, really hard. After one year of multiple jobs and YouTube van build videos, we were ready to depart Ireland, with no real plans for our future but a couple of thousand euros in our pockets. And we have pulled it off! We have spent the last 6 months travelling Europe and unschooling our children. In case you are interested in following us, please click on link below.

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Caroline xxxx